Iron spur cockfighting – the most stimulating type of cockfighting today

29 de março de 2021

Iron spur cockfighting is one of the most stimulating forms of cockfighting today that everyone knows. Famous for fiery matches of cocks around the world, promising to satisfy the most demanding audiences. If you are also interested, definitely do not skip the article below. Register for New88 today.

Some details about iron spur cockfighting

Cockfighting has long become an indispensable cultural feature for many people. And now spur cockfighting – a new form of cockfighting has been introduced, receiving a lot of support from players.

A special feature in these cockfights is the two iron spurs attached to the chicken's legs. The shape and size will be made according to the wishes and actual size of the cock's spurs.

This is a weapon with extremely high damage power. If it hits dangerous places, it can instantly defeat the opponent. As for the opponent, if not treated promptly, it will lead to paralysis and, more dangerous, death.

General information about this interesting form of cockfighting

Fighting cocks are often played in cockfighting with iron spurs

The breed of chicken chosen to fight with spurs requires not only physical strength and a strong body, but also skills and a skillful fighting style to be able to control the sharp spurs well.

Below are some of the chicken breeds commonly encountered in the world:

Like chickens

Breed chickens are the most common breed because of their popularity. This is a traditional chicken breed, although the body is compact, it is extremely firm, has excellent dexterity and fighting ability.

Because of this flexibility, durability, and sharpness, the pedigree chicken is one of the first chicken breeds on the list of popular iron spur cockfights.

Fighting cock – symbol of courage


Fighting cocks have always been one of the formidable breeds in the cockfighting world today. The tall, strong body, majestic strength, fast speed and extreme firepower… have helped the fighting cocks register successfully in iron-spur cockfighting matches.

Typically, the American fighting cock breed is often seen in large arenas – a symbol of strength, constantly attacking until victory.

Asil iron spur cockfighting

The extremely majestic appearance and dark plumage of Asil chickens exude the entire fighting nature of this breed. Not too aggressive, but Asil chickens have sharp senses, unquestionable speed, technique and are especially good at fighting at the right time.

The heat of cockfighting fights is intense

The attractive nature of the matches is demonstrated through the fighting spirit and extreme bravery of the cocks from everywhere. Matches that bring together fighters with great technique, appearance, strength, agility, etc. will certainly create fiery scenes that cannot be missed.

In particular, with the extremely high destructive power of the iron spurs, the match will be more dramatic and thrilling. The match therefore also ends faster, bringing many exciting matches on the same day.


Iron spur cockfighting has never been a hot topic in the cockfighting world until now. However, because there is an additional iron spur attached to the leg, the cock must meet the necessary requirements to be able to fight most flexibly. Above is the basic information players need to understand. Visit New88 at today.


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