New88 Withdrawal – Instructions for quickly withdrawing money to your account

29 de março de 2021

Withdrawing New88 money to your account only requires a few simple steps that not everyone knows. Currently, New88 provides many modern trading methods for members. If you are interested in withdrawing money from this house, read the article below.

Forms of withdrawal that New88 supports

Due to the rapid development of technology, New88 has quickly updated withdrawal methods to meet the needs of members. You can easily choose the withdrawal method that best suits you. New88 withdrawal methods that the house currently offers include:

Methods of withdrawing betting money from the New88 playground

  • Withdraw money via internet banking service, applicable to all banks.

  • Withdraw money at ATMs.

  • Support withdrawal via e-wallets such as Momo, Zalo Pay…

  • Withdraw money directly at bank branches nationwide.

Instructions for withdrawing money from New88 simply and quickly

You can choose one of the above methods to withdraw money. Although there are many different methods, the New88 withdrawal process remains similar. Specifically, the steps to withdraw money will be as follows:

Step 1: Visit the New88 betting homepage and log in to your gaming account

First, you need to access the official New88 link of the online bookmaker New88. On the home page, click on "Login" and enter your account information. To log in successfully, players need to enter the previously registered username and password.

All account information and personal information of New88 members are encrypted safely and securely. Thanks to this convenient feature, the gamer's login process to the house is optimized.

Step 2: Proceed to withdraw betting money from bookmaker New88

After successfully logging in, find and click on "Withdraw money". At New88's "Money Transfer" page, you need to completely and accurately enter the following information:

  • Source Account: This is your in-game account number where the funds are stored.

  • Destination account: Enter correct information about the account number, account name and bank name that the player wants to withdraw money from that has been previously linked. This information needs to match the information when you registered for New88.

  • Transfer points: These points will be converted into money. Gamers need to enter the number of points corresponding to the amount of money you want to withdraw from New88.

Instructions on the process of withdrawing money from bookmaker New88 super fast

Once completed, you just need to click "Confirm" to send the money transfer request. If you want to transfer the entire amount in your game account, you can click "Transfer all" to save time.

Step 3: Enter the bank card information you want to receive (if not already filled in)

To successfully withdraw money from New88, players need to add and select the account they want to use. After completing this step, the house system will automatically remember and subsequent withdrawals will not require this operation again.

Step 4: Check and confirm withdrawal information to New88 betting account

After checking the information again and detecting no errors, the player can click the "Withdraw New88" button to send the command to the system.

Processing time and money transfer withdrawal from New88 account usually takes 3 to 5 minutes. However, for beginners, processing time may take longer due to the need for more thorough inspection. 


The above article has detailed instructions on the New88 withdrawal process. Hopefully this information will help members make transactions quickly and bring the best experience when using New88's services. See xổ số new88 at here.


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