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13 de março de 2020

Currently, the recruitment demand for OKVIP Group is increasing to expand its human resources team with hundreds of diverse positions. What”s special is, OKVIP is committed to providing great salaries and generous remuneration policies, creating favorable conditions for candidates” personal and career development.

Recruitment of OKVIP Group – Positions in need

Recruitment of OKVIP Group – Positions in need

The list of latest recruitment positions at OKVIP in 2024 is diverse and attractive, aiming to expand operations and improve work performance. Below is a detailed description of some currently recruiting positions:

Recruitment of OKVIP Group – Sale Online

  • Requirements: No experience needed, good communication and convincing skills.

  • Salary: Up to 30 million/month, with KPI bonus.

Recruitment of OKVIP Group – SEO Online/Offline

  • Requirements: Understanding of CSS, WordPress, HTML, 6 months of experience, successful in SEO.

  • Salary: Online 15 million/month, offline 50 million/month.

OKVIP recruits content

  • Requirements: SEO writing skills, content production as required.

  • Salary: Online 15 million/month, offline 35 million/month.

Recruitment of OKVIP – IT group

  • Requirements: Programming experience, proficient in CSS, PHP, API, MVC.

  • The salary for IT positions at OKVIP is about 25 – 30 million/month.

OKVIP recruits Facebook Ads

  • Requirements: Over 6 months of running ads, Oriental Medicine, Functional Foods field is an advantage.

  • Salary: Over 40 million/month + % commission.

OKVIP recruits telesales

  • Requirements: Communication skills, persuasion, sales experience.

  • Salary for telesale position at OKVIP is about 25 – 30 million/month + bonus.

Recruitment of OKVIP Group – Soccer commentator

  • Requirements: Knowledge of football, popular voice, experience as a commentator.

  • Salary: 50 – 100 million/month + health check allowance.

There are 102 benefits when working at OKVIP

There are 102 benefits when working at OKVIP

When you become an official employee, you will enjoy many special incentives, including an attractive salary with growth of up to 20% compared to competitors in the same industry. In addition, employees also have the opportunity to receive special rewards when achieving excellent achievements and revenue.

OKVIP”s recruitment information also clearly states the provision of insurance policies in accordance with labor law, including health insurance, unemployment, retirement, accident, and many other supports.

Flexible working regime with 4 days off per month, excluding weekends and holidays, is another highlight of OKVIP. Employees are also guaranteed full sick leave, maternity leave, and family leave.

Supporting skill development and in-depth training through free courses, workshops, and seminars is an important part of OKVIP”s human resources policy.

The company headquarters is in Moc Bai and Vietnamese employees also receive free accommodation and food allowances.

How to apply to OKVIP group

To apply for vacancies at OKVIP, you can follow these steps:

Get OKVIP”s application form

In OKVIP”s recruitment announcement, you will find full information about the job, detailed requirements and number of employees needed. The registration form through Google forms is usually attached, and you just need to select the form corresponding to the desired position, then fill in the required information. Finally, wait for a response from OKVIP”s human resources department.

Contact directly on recruitment information

In recruitment information, OKVIP often provides detailed contact information such as Zalo, Email, and Telegram. If you feel you are suitable for a certain position, please contact directly through these channels to connect with the human resources team and submit your CV. The human resources department will review your CV and schedule an interview appointment when necessary.


Tuyển dụng OKVIP Group with the latest attractive salary in 2024 is an opportunity not to be missed for candidates looking for career development and stable income. Quickly submit your application for the opportunity to become part of our professional and highly regarded working environment.


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