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13 de março de 2020

OKVIP charity is a long journey, come here so you can understand the efforts and significance in building a strong and sustainable community through meaningful activities for our society. .

From what source of funds does OKVIP donate?

From what source of funds does OKVIP donate?

OKVIP”s charity fund is not only an important part of its sustainable business strategy but also a symbol of social commitment. We realize that long-term development is not only about generating profit for ourselves but also involves making a positive contribution to the community.

Therefore, the group”s board of directors decided to spend at least 10% of revenue for charity and social activities, whether profit or loss.

Our charitable foundation is managed by an independent executive board, responsible for selecting projects and charitable activities that are consistent with the group”s vision and mission. All revenues and expenditures are announced transparently and in detail, from origin to use and effectiveness of each charity fund.

Meaning of OKVIP charity activities

Since its establishment, OKVIP has successfully implemented many volunteer projects, aiming to support difficult situations. With a commitment to accompany the development of society, OKVIP constantly makes great contributions to the issue of supporting people.

OKVIP is always at the forefront of implementing these commitments, creating a positive impact on the community and society. We want to share the spirit of “mutual love” and the ideal of “good leaves protect torn leaves” with the community, and this is clearly shown through OKVIP”s charitable activities.

In the future, the group aims to continue and maintain such charitable activities, to promote and build a more compassionate community.

OKVIP”s charitable activities stood out last year

OKVIP”s charitable activities stood out last year

In 2023, OKVIP has poured more than 200 billion VND into charity activities, supporting many difficult people such as the elderly, homeless children, poor students, patients in special hospitals, and children. difficult highland areas, and many other subjects.

OKVIP charity program – Meal 0 VND

OKVIP”s outstanding charity activities in 2023 include the program “0 VND meal – connecting love” at Hanoi hospital.

Support 300 million for Cambodian people

The support of 300 million VND for disadvantaged people in Cambodia, the journey to spread love in Tien Giang, and the gratitude program for soldiers and revolutionary veterans on National Day September 2.

Build schools and develop facilities and equipment for children

Building and developing schools is an important part of educational development, and the OKVIP brand has actively contributed to this goal. Up to now, OKVIP has invested in building and equipping a variety of equipment and facilities for many schools in remote, remote and border areas of Vietnam.

OKVIP charity program – Knowledge and kindness

OKVIP”s “Knowledge Compassion” charity program has supported more than 1,000 elementary school students and awarded 500 scholarships to outstanding middle school students through the “For a bright future” program. In addition, the charity activity “Accompanying students” has also helped more than 300 students in difficulty.


Above is a complete summary of hoạt động OKVIP , which are attracting great attention. All of these activities are aimed at contributing to creating beautiful values for life and supporting difficult lives. Players can also visit the website to update information about other charitable activities.


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